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How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Pool?

Aug 23

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Things to do to keep birds out of your pool

Weekend means time to relax and enjoy the day, some people just love to stay at home and dive into their pool because water can be therapeutic and it is a great combination of exercise. But how can you enjoy your day when those feathered creatures are already messing up the water? That will ruin your plan and will just go with doing pool maintenance which is not what your weekend should be.

Living in a place where there are many birds around can make some trouble for every homeowner because these creatures will make the pool have feathers, poop, or things that they brought. And it can be dangerous to those young birds especially if they are still learning how to fly.



So here are the things to do to keep them out of the pool:

  1. Put inflatable toys or equipment in your pool - Having inflatable toys in your pool will discourage any birds to go near it. They will think that there is a floating predator in the pool that will hunt them. One good example of a floating toy design is a shark, alligator, or dolphin inflatable. It can also bring fun having these toys in your pool, especially to kids. 

    The other one is to place an automatic vacuum cleaner underwater. They may not fully see it, but it is enough for them to think that there is something lurking under the water that may cause them harm.

  2. Put on some cover to your pool - A custom fitted solar cover for your pool is a good way of keeping it clean from any falling leaves or any dirt and making birds stay out of the pool.

  3. Other deterrents - There are other options aside from putting floating toys in the pool to make them feel that there is a predator and they shouldn't go near it. And these are:

    • Reflective Elements - Hanging some reflective banners or tape on places that are near the pool but high enough to avoid any accident because of that. Putting reflective elements can prevent them from diving low.
    • Scarecrow - It doesn’t have to be a scarecrow like that is in a farm, it just needs to be something that can prevent them from going near. A fake predator like a hawk, falcon, or owl figure is a good example to put near the pool.