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Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

Nov 14

Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

A concrete slab is an essential part of every construction job. You must do it right. A slab that isn't of the best quality could lead to structural problems.

Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors are the experts when it comes to concrete slabs. Our team has years working in the industry and is prepared to offer the best service. Our concrete slabs are made with high-quality components that are guaranteed to last for a long time. Learn more about concrete slabs by continuing reading.



What is concrete slabs?


Concrete slabs are a common structural element in buildings. Concrete slabs are a thick, flat and horizontal concrete layer that is used as a floor or as an roof. Concrete slabs are used for building the ground floor in some residential buildings. They can be positioned directly on the soil or to support the foundation.



Our Concrete Slab Installation Process


Concrete installations can be complicated when your experience and skills aren't up to the task. Port St. Lucie Concrete Contractors adhere to an exact concrete slab installation procedure that is in line with local codes and industry standards.


Safety is the top priority in all the concrete projects we work on. Before we begin any project, we make sure to have the right safety equipment. Eye protection is a must, as are long sleeves, long trousers rubber gloves, and boots. All these protect us from concrete splatters, which can harm our health and well-being.


In the same way as before, we follow these steps:


Step 1: Preparation for the site

We use the same procedure regardless of the size concrete slab project we're working on. The preparation of the site is the very first stage in all of our projects. To get started, we clear up all debris and clean the area. As part of our preparation we ensure that all materials are present on the job site. We plan the delivery of materials prior to actual construction. This lets us finish the project on schedule.


Step 2 Re-inforce concrete slabs using steel and build concrete forms.

After the area has been cleared and prepared, we will begin the process of installing concrete forms constructed of wire mesh. Concrete forms function as a solid wall to help hold the concrete mix in place. Concrete mixes are forced to adopt a particular shape or shape. To reinforce concrete, we use reinforced concrete using Rebar. This makes concrete stronger surfaces.


Step 3: Mixing Concrete Mix

Concrete trucks are used to help make life easier. Concrete materials can be mixed more efficiently with the help of a concrete truck. Sometimes, we do manual mixing. For the majority of projects the use of a concrete mixer is likely to be needed.


Step 4: Pouring Concrete

After mixing concrete, we pour it into the forms. To prevent air pockets, we cautiously apply the mix of concrete. The existence of air pockets is due to not enough mortar filling the gaps around the aggregate. When pouring concrete, we ensure that we disperse the mix across the form. We never fail to fill a space.



Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

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